Jack Carlson is a Clarendon Scholar and doctoral student in archaeology at Brasenose College, Oxford. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, where he pursued Chinese Studies and Classics. His work on comparative ancient history has been cited in Walter Scheidel’s Rome and China (Oxford University Press, 2009).  He has served on the staff of the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project in Vicchio, Italy, and on the curatorial staff for “From the Temple and the Tomb: Etruscan Treasures from Tuscany,” at the Meadows Museum. He received the Raines Research Fellowship and was a Krogh Honors Scholar at Georgetown.  He has served as a teaching assistant in Georgetown’s Economics Department, and has worked at Her Majesty’s College of Arms in London.  He has lectured on heraldry at such venues as The English Speaking Union and the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society.  Jack has also represented the USA at the World Rowing Championships and has raced in the Oxford-Cambridge lightweight boat race and heavyweight reserves boat race.

Jack wrote and illustrated A Humorous Guide to Heraldry when he was fourteen years old, and the book was published while he was in high school.

“I first became interested in heraldry when I was very young, traveling in England with my family.  Wishing to learn more about the topic, I realized that the available books on heraldry either assumed a familiarity with the subject (and were therefore unhelpful for beginners) or were so basic that they were hardly worthwhile.  When I was fourteen, I set out to bridge the gap between heraldry books that were too simple and those that were too academic.  Because of the topic’s nature, any such book would have to be filled amply with pictures.  I incorporated a fair amount of cartoons and jokes into the book in order to make it enjoyable to read and also, in places, as a way of remembering the complex rules of heraldry.  These light-hearted additions gave the book its eventual name, A Humorous Guide to Heraldry.”

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