“Actually quite good!”

  - Sir Peter Gwynn-Jones, KCVO

    Garter King of Arms

    Her Majesty’s College of Arms

“A refreshing newcomer to our bookshelves.... A straightforward introduction to the subject, light-hearted but free from errors.”

                       - Dragonlore: Journal of the College of Dracology

“It succeeds splendidly.... It will appeal to anyone with a sense of humour whatever their age. It is attractively presented and well produced. An excellent choice for a birthday or Christmas present, it fills a gap in the heraldic literature which has been evident for some time. Every member should have one!

             - The Heraldry Gazette: Newsletter of the Heraldry Society

“This book is a wonderful introduction to the subject and makes an ideal present.”

              - The White Lion Society Journal

“A good introduction for children and also enjoyable for adults.... Jack has managed to summarize what others have taken many more pages to explain.... Jack has demonstrated that heraldry’s essence can be conveyed simply and clearly.... Peter Gwynn-Jones, Garter Principal King of Arms of the College of Arms, has proclaimed it to be a ‘rather good book.’”

                               - The College of Arms Foundation, New York

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Do you have a bright young boy on your shopping list? ... Then Jack Carlson’s A Humorous Guide to Heraldry is the perfect gift.”
                                                 - Little Lamb Bookshttp://littlelambbooks.blogspot.com/2009/12/humorous-guide-to-heraldry-by-jack.html
“This guide ‘for little tykes and old folks alike’ is not only a fun read, but notably thorough.”
                                             - Unabashedly Prephttp://www.unabashedlyprep.com/site/entry/a-humorous-guide-to-heraldry/